Donation Page

Welcome to the Donation page.

GSCON is a Not-For-Profit Event. 

Its aim is to bring people together from all walks of life from all corners of the planet. 

Its to unite Gamers and Content Creators together to fight and change the stigma on Mental Health and Social Anxiety.

Even before COVID-19 most gamers and creators would use Gaming to socialise for several reasons. 

  • Not Feeling socially accepted

  • Feel they do not fit any where

  • Isolated from society

  • Feel bullied for being different 

At GSCON we are interested in the individual , Everyone is accepted regardless of Age , Gender , Sexuality & ethenicity & more.

We created GSCON with a passion to bring everyone together. We are evening planning a GSCON event in USA in 2023.

Although this is all great but we are not in it for money. We are building this collective community on a charity based organisation to united Gamers and Creators. 

We only Sell tickets to cover the running costs of the event. Although we are not registered charity soon we plan to. 

We created this page for people who want to support GSCON for extra things like more giveaways and to support the team behind it. To support the community if they need to get to the event. 

GSCON is all about giving and we do try out best to help as many people as possible so if you have an extra few pound to help some one less fortunate to attend an event like this or want to donate to go towards the event and get extra things please feel free to do so below.

Of course we do our best but there is only so much GSCON can do to help people but we do rely on the collective community for support.

Please remember Donations are non-refundable. 

As a thank you , you will be able to have a special role in the Discord ( Donator Role ) 

Not joined the Discord - well now you can. Click the Discord Link to join.